Errata for "Queens of the Ice: They were fast, they were fierce, they were teenage girls"

There seems to be some errors in a copy of "Queens of the Ice: They were fast, they were fierce, they were teenage girls" (Lorimer Recordbooks) by Carly Adams.

As the Rivulettes contained a couple family members (Hilda & Nell Ranscombe), this is an effort to set the record straight.

For the record, it does sound like an engaging book, albeit with some glaring (to those who were there) errors. Often minor, they still ought to be corrected - for history's sake.


Claim: pg. 13 She was born in 1917 in Preston Ontario

Fact: She was born September 11, 1913 in Doon Ontario, now part, of Kitchener Ontario.

Claim: pg 20 She helped with household chores and taking care of her
younger brothers and sisters

Fact: pg 13 Hilda was the youngest of nine children

Claim: pg 20 Hilda Ranscombe graduated from high school

Fact: Hilda Ranscombe did not graduate from high school

Claim: pg 16 The girls heard that sports writer Alexandrine Gibb was
staying in town at the Kress House Hotel

Fact: It was Fanny (Bobbie) Rosenfeld who was the sports writer
for the Toronto Globe and Mail and was staying at the Kress
House Hotel.

Claim: pg 15 Hilda went to a pond near her home by the Rocks Springs

Fact: Hilda went to the Cressman pond on Laurel Street near her home.

Claim: pg 13 They played about 100 games and lost only 2 of them

Fact: They played 350 games and lost only 2 of them.

They spent three days on the train heading to Edmonton and most of them arrived sick with the flu but still got on the ice on arriving.

Claim: Pg 37 it was a benefit game to raise money for the Rivulette's
goalie Helen Schmuck who was confined to her home with an illness

Fact: pg 19(?) Nellie Ranscombe, Hilda's sister, was goalie.

Sisters Helen and Marm Schmuck were forwards.

The Wikipedia link at the top of this site contains a team photo with a caption that states "Nellie Lanscombe" (sic) is on the left, while the goalie is at the centre of the team's front row.

So that contradicts what was stated here; however since Nellie's last name is obviously misspelled, I'd like to confirm who the goalie was then get the Wiki page corrected.

Fixed the Nellie Lanscombe -> Nellie Ranscombe item on Wikipedia, however it still mis-identifies her as the person on the left instead of the goalie.

Claim: pg 92 Ruth Dargel played her first game with the Rivulettes hockey squad on February 5 1938 she was only 16 years old.

Fact: Ruth was only 13 years old and at this date she is still living in Kitchener Ontario.

Claim: pg 93 Ruth Dargel - she had four older brothers.

Fact: Ruth had one brother, Ralph, who was about four years older.